Chanzon High Power RGB LED Breakout - 10W

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While Chanzon RGB LEDs are inexpensive, connecting them in a permanent, professional way has been difficult -- until now.

Introducing the Chanzon High Power RGB LED Breakout.

We have 3 variants of this product:

  • PCB only
  • PCB + RGB LED Kit
  • PCB + RGB + Constant Current Regulator - fully assembled and soldered

Simply tack solder onto the RGB LED's leads to secure it to the breakout board. The recessed hole allows the back of the LED to be attached to a commodity heat sink on the older side. We solder this for you in the fully assembled version.

Simply connect your LED driver circuit to pins 1, 2, and 3.

if you are not familiar with the chanzon, be careful, it is EXTREMELY BRIGHT. Never look directly at the LED without eye protection. 

Constant Current Regulator Option

However, for those who want to further construct an integrated device, we also offer 3x of the BCR420UW6-based Linear constant current regulators populated.  Using these constant current regulators, you can drive this high powered LED with simple PWM signals from your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller.