900MHz Explorer Hat (Temporarily Out of Stock)

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Note: Due to a higher than normal sales volumes, we are temporarily out of stock. We expect Hats fully available in February, with limited inventory shipping in January. Sign up for email notifications once we get them back in!

Note: For best performance, we now ship Explorer Hat with the perfect antenna for your operating frequency. Be sure to select the right one! Select 868MHz for 868-869MHz, and 915MHz for 902-928MHz!

Introducing the 900MHz Explorer Hat! Now you can use buttons and a screen to explore the 900MHz radio band with your Raspberry Pi Zero W or Raspberry Pi 3.


•   General purpose ISM band transceiver based on Texas Instruments CC1110

•   915MHz US ISM and 868MHz EU License Exempt

•   Comes with either 868MHz or 915MHz antenna

•   On board LiPo battery charger

•   Boost converter for powering Raspberry Pi Zero W or Raspberry Pi 3 at 5 Volts

•   Battery power switch and PTC self-resetting fuse

•   Battery fuel gauge (I2C)

•   128x64 OLED display screen included (I2C)

•   Two general purpose buttons (GPIO)

•   Versatile wireless development board for prototyping

•   Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi 3

•   Raspberry Pi Zero W / Raspberry Pi 3 library and example software

•   RFCat support: Use command line or python to transmit and receive radio packets

•   Open hardware design


Technical Specifications

•   Texas Instruments CC1110 with programmable 8051 core

•   Dimensions: 68 x 16 mm

•   Guaranteed frequency range: 868-869MHz (EU SRD), 902-928MHz (Region 2 ISM, Amateur Radio)

•   PLL transceiver range: 782-928MHz

•   Up to 10dBm output power (10mW)

•   Up to 500kbps data rate

•   Receive sensitivity as low as -110dBm

•   2-FSK, GFSK, MSK, ASK, and OOK


In the box

•  Explorer Hat

•  Antenna (868 or 915MHz -- your choice)

•  Coupling kit (screws and spacers)

•  Manual